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Window to stay on top

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Hi guys ... Im currently having a problem with swkotor2 not minimizing everytime i try to interact with a window on another monitor. (im currently running a dual monitor setup) ... and hydravision has an always on top feature that can be enabled when you right click the program's task bar icon .. the problem is, everytime i try to click it, it just restores back the game. any ideas on how i can just get it to stay without minimizing?



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My apologies, I'm not all that familiar with dual-monitor setups, so forgive me if I sound a bit newbish.


Am I understanding correctly that you want it to stay maximized on one monitor and still have access to the other monitor?


And you're upset that you have to minimize it everytime you want to access your other monitor?


In other words, you want to play in windowed mode?

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uh not exactly, and no Im not THAT upset:)

let me put it in a scenario for you :thumbsup:


monitor 1: swkotor2

monitor 2: msn messenger


now, i can see msn on monitor 2 and play the game on monitor 1. however, if i attempt to interact with monitor 2 by clicking on msn, the game automatically gets minimized. what i want is for it to stay put (therefore I need to use the always on top feature of ati's hydravision. however, seems the obsidian developers dont allow menu access from the taskbar icon). so right now, i cant really enjoy the benefits of dual monitor ownership unless I can figure out how to set the game (by using hydravision and the taskbar menu or perhaps by configuring the game's config file) to always be on top.


hope that clears up what im looking for.

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Ahhh I understand now.


I'm sorry, I wish I could help with that, but I know nothing about that. I'm pretty sure though that there won't be any way to fix that unless you put KOTOR2 into windowed mode.


Now if you want to do that, go to swkotor2.ini in the KOTOR2 directory and go under [Display Options] and [Graphics Options] and set FullScreen=0 on both. Now on my video card (Radeon 9800 Pro), I had some problems with doing that. The screen skipped a great deal, however when I turned off Frame Buffer Effects AND Soft Shadows in Advanced Options of the graphics menu in game, it worked like a charm. You can keep Shadows on, but just make sure Soft Shadows and Frame Buffer Effects are off.


Also I'd suggest making the resolution of the game less than your monitor's resolution, as it seems that the bottom of the screen will get cutoff.


However, I hope somebody has a fix you're looking for.

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