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How strong was he/she?

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I've been gone from the forums for quite a while so if someone already made something like this tell me and i'll gladly delete the topic. :shifty:

Anyway hello people, I've been feeling pretty good with the level of pain I've inflicted :) everytime I pass the game but I'd like to know how I stand against some of the other KOTOR II players :) . Here is my strongest:


Name: Leoni Rozessin



Jedi sentinel LV 15

Sith Marauder LV17

DS Mastery + 1-8 DAM

STR: 31 +10

DEX: 19 +4

CON: 26 +8

INT: 18 +4

WIS: 29 +9

CHA: 21 +5

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After 2 play-throughs my second was the strongest (but still not build for max. combat output):


Name: Mission (damn, I am original in names :"> )


LS Mastery (+3 con)

Lvl 15 Jedi Sentinel

Lvl 14 Jedi Watchman


Str. 18 +4

Dex. 30 +10

Con. 26 +8

Int. 20 +5

Wis. 23 +6

Cha. 16 +3


For the other info, see atachment

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Here would be my best Melee monster. He gained only one level from the Hssiss glitch and he did it without any input from me except when he tried to attack on of the monsters at the back of the group and couldn't get close enough to him.


Managed to power his way through the Sith Battle Simulation Mod on Difficult with no problems. Unfortunatly I didn't get my personal crystal to it's max level as Kriea stopped talking to me except to say we must got to Dantooine.


The only thing he used his force powers for was Master Speed, Master Heal and Master Energy Resistance which is really helpful against lightsabers.


I would have had higher stats if I could have gotten some better items. I was still using a +2 Str Glove I bought. My belt only gave me +1 to Con. I also had a pair of lightning gloves and another pair of gloves that gave 1-10 unstoppable damage when unarmed so neither of those were helpful. I did get one nice item though. A physical boost d-package implant. +3 to all physical stats.


Name: Vynar Pace

Gender: Male

Light Side Mastery +3 Str

Level 15 Jedi Guardian

Level 18 Weapon Master


Str: 36 +13

Dex: 17 +3

Con: 26 +8

Int: 18 +4

Wis: 19 +4

Cha: 17 +3

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