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Personally, I luuuuv wookies and I especially like having a brute like Hanharr on my side.

I started the game with the intention of having Nar Shaddaa be my first planet, go DS, get him, the go back to LS.

I did this, but of course since I'm neutral now (Leaning towards light), Hanharr won't EVER tell me anything, everything I do makes me lose his influence, and I've had to do DS things (I.E kill the guy on Dantooine who wanted the atmospheric sensors) to staisfy him and get some influence.

This has made me a tad bit dark side-y (Mine and Atton's faces are starting to show).

Any tricks I could do to get influence, yet not get DS points? Any specific places?


Thanks in advance

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Is your goal to see his portrait as a light sider or is your goal to unlock his influence gains?


If it's the latter, just continue to lose influence and be consistant about it. Negative influence is just as good as positive influence. You just have to have a bunch of either one.

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