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Loading Problem

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Sometimes when switching areas my game will "encounter an error" and then crash to the desktop. I walk through the doorway... loading screen comes up... loads for a bit, then it crashes to the desktop.


Most of the times it has done this, the game managed to successfully autosave in the new area, so all I lose ia bout a min of my time reloading the game.


But just now it crashed without autosaving, and I have to replay a good half hour which is pretty annoying.


Has anyone encountered a similar error? And if so how do I go about fixing it?


This game seems like a lot of fun but I don't think I will be able to go much further if it keeps crashing to the desktop like this. Thanks :p

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Bump again!


I solved the above issue by downloading the catalyst driver, and managed to play until that secret snow academy place


I took off in the Ebon Hawk, and then a loading screen comes up... it loads for a bit and then just freezes and stops loading all together. The game autosaved in the new area, but now whenever I try to actually load that save it does the same thing... the loading bar just freezes...


Can anyone help me this time? Or do I have to spend another couple days just to figure out how to fix a bug I'm sure someone here already knows how to fix...


I would really like to keep playing, I love this game despite it's bugginess :p

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I don't know exactly what you want... but I use Windows XP, have a pentium 4 (2.8 ghz) , have 512mb ram


I have a radeon 9200... it says 128mb


I'm actually quite clueless about my computer and got all that from dxdiag lol

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