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Catalyst 5.3 can help for performance

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I just wanted to give a feedback on some trials i did with different

catalyst drivers.


As every ATI card owner knows, there is a scary perf bug on

Dantoiine with last drivers ( >= 5.x). Putting the atioglxx.dll

file of 4.11 cat drivers fiixes it , that's ok....


... but i've tried to remove the 4.11 ogl driver and run the

game on the others maps of Dantoiinne (Jedi enclave,

Koonda interior and some others dantoiine exterior )

and saw that the perf was better (+ 10-15 fps ) with 5.3

versus 4.11 with x800xt pe card


Just to say that don't always use the 4.11 ogl driver

(jsut use it in the specific buggy map in dantoiine) but

try the 5.3 : for me it was a great perf improvement


Hope it helps...

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