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Favoreite NPC and/or Party Member

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I must say, since I first saw her I hada thing for Visas Marr, it was intoxicating.

I said to myself, after the introduction cutscene with her speaking to Nihlis; "I am going to be pissed if I can't get her in my party" And I did. :D

But theres just something about her, shes so complex and mysterious, its sexy (and I'm not one to usually be overtly drawn to those characteristics) I was just enfatuated with her. I can't place my finger on it, but theres something else, Con gratulations and GREAT JOB on her Obsidian. You can tell that she doesnt fully feel for the Darkside, and she does honestly care for your character (mine anyway) but she's torn, she wants revenege still. And once I leveld her up some and got some decent equipment on her, I saw that she kicked ass too. Together we are a two women killing machine, myself primarly going up close and whacking away, but still not half bad in the force, probly 65% sabers and 35% force, she about the oppasite. Nothing can stand in our way.



As for LEAST favorite, its easy. If I don't get a chance to kill Hanharr it will reafrim my suspution there is no god. Goto too, but if I could suck the life force of on character slowly, it would be Hanharr, somehow he thinks he can kill The Exile when even Juhanni would find him easy pickings. Anyway, post your thoughts.

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