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Who was the better Sith Lord?

Who is the better Sith Lord? Malak or Kreia?  

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  1. 1. Who is the better Sith Lord? Malak or Kreia?

    • Darth Malak
    • Darth Kreia

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Isn't it Darth Traya?


Nyways Traya was more of a Sith Lord than Malak could or would have ever been, traya understands that the force isn't needed to live, malak on the other hand thought the opposite he thought force was the only thing needed to live e.g the jedi "batteries", that was his down-fall.


I think Traya is only defined as a sith because she is not a Jedi, yet she wields the force, that is what she try's to teach the exile/you, that both sides are wrong, one wants to use the force to destroy and another wants to use it to protect, yet both belive it is a neccesity in life, that is why you where so special to her, you where living proof that the force doesn't need to flow through you in any extent for you to live.


Traya as I said is more of a sith than malak because malak was a mere child in experince in anything, he fired apon Revan when Revan was pre-occupied, that is a very un-inspiring thing.


She is neutral in my eye's but if we where too look at her as evryone else views her, she was most definatly a better sith than Malak.

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