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OFN bug, or something new?

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I started my second go at this game earlier today, and I got to the point where I board the Hawk to leave the Atris academy building.


After watching the cut scene of the ship flying away, then comes some dialogue between Atris and a few handmaidens. It is after this dialogue that my game goes black screen and I can't see anything.


At this point I can pause the game, unpause, bring up the menus, change gear and weapons, use items....... but then when I exit the menu it goes right back to black again.


I can even hear the guy running around when I hit the buttons, but can't see jack.


Has anyone else experience this one yet?

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I've had that problem at least two times during three playthroughs. First was on the ravager after defeating lame Nil, and then on my current game during the final battle on Onderon. Switching characters seems to help, sometimes, but a save game beforehand saves my bacon.


Jaguars4ever is still alive.  No word of a lie.

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