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PC version: why performance so poor?

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i get fine performance most of the time with pretty high settings. The only glaring problem is on dantooine where your character like pauses in mid space and then jumps across the level stuttering all over the place. Its really hard to gain control over your character again.


Pretty much everywhere else is fine. That is my main complaint about this game..just how crappy dantooine performs. There are others like the sort of convulted story and the sub par ending, lack of graphical quality in areas of the game and design that made the world feel somewhat empty and uninteresting. Also the battles...HAND TAYLOR these encounters....make them challenging. Its definately fun running into a horde of enemies and just lightning them to death...or sabering everyone to death like some super ninja jedi dude. But they can pepper those areas throughout the game...these areas do not have to BE the game. The boses should have been harder and more interesting (use some damn force powers! i swear the only power they would use is life drain and that power series is pretty useless *oh no darth nihilus sucked 20 health from me! look how mighty he is*) This dude can snuff out whole planets and he is only sucking 20 health from me...please. Sion was the hardest out of all of them and even he sucked.

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