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Level Select?

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I have just finished kotor2 today and was talking to my friend as well as reading these forums and discovered that I missed a few things I would very much like to get and see for myself. Problem is, is that I'm a quicksaver instead of the typical save and don't have any files before the forced entry onto Malachor where you can't leave until the game is beaten and well..can't do anything then. So my question...


Is there any way to modify saves so that they place me in a different point/world in the game OR is there any developer or otherwise command/cheat that would allow me to basically "level select" where I want to go.


Any help is appreciated. Thank you.

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I'm quite sure there is one you can type in the console, though I can't remember it at the moment. It might be quite buggy, as well. You may have to skip past all the planets, for example, and that might still cause some problems with Mira/Hanharr. I wouldn't get my hopes up if I were you.


I'd suggest using Google. You'll probably be able to find something if it's there.

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Thanks timmy, but that's a broken link you posted. If you know elsewhere to find it, I'd appreciate it. And as for buggy, if you've played the game you've already experienced plenty of it. A result of quick programming and rushed schedules, but no matter. If the warp brings about bugs, I can handle them and deal with them appropriately, so please, don't let that stop you from responding.


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