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Max Defense?!

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So far I've gotten my Jedi up to 51 defense....and according to my caculations I should be able to get around 62-66 defense by the end game(if I get the right equipment).


I read in the forums somewhere where some peeps where talking about a max defense....can anyone confirm this? And if so...what is the cap.



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the higher you go up in level, the less it matters...for those people into using xp exploits, soon you will reach a point where the enemy hits for almost every hit, and you too, so you need high con to stay alive.


or damage immunities...




i got up to 70's with high dex consular jedi master... :ph34r:

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I"m not using cheats of any kind...I expect to finish around lvl 30. I just didnt' want to put forth all that time in creating the kind of Jedi that I wanted just to hit some cap I didn't know about, and get angry about it.....lol

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