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atton losing control?

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In telos under attack, when I was fighting some sith troopers in the entertainment module atton started talking. What he said was really interesting something like "for one moment I felt that I lost control". Unfortunately the conversation ended immediately because of the fighting. I loaded another save to see what that was about but I can't trigger that dialog again (it had happened in front of the merchant brothers building in the entertanment module). Does anyone know what that was about and how I can trigger it again?


(I am a LSM, full influence with atton)

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In general, if you murder someone, Atton (and Bao-Dur, and Visas, and Mira, I think) will comment about how he felt compelled to attack and couldn't help it. You can respond to these dialogues for influence points. If Kreia's in your party, you get a pretty interesting dialogue that goes along the lines of:


(your party murders someone)

Kreia: is mindless slaughter the only thing that occupies your mind?

NPC (Bao-Dur, Atton, etc): I don't know what happened, I feel like I lost control for a second...

Kreia: I'm not talking to you, fool, be silent.

(Kreia lectures you about keeping a low profile, manipulating events, etc)

(you can respond along the lines of "shut up, old woman" or "I'll consider your advice")


You lose influence with Kreia but gain influence with whomever else is in your party.


Off the top of my head, you can murder the Czerka salvage team member in the Telos base, the Khoonda investigator near the crashed airspeeder on Dantooine, Batono (the Czerka whistle-blower) on Telos, and a whole bunch of other people.

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