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Problem with unlocking T3 upgrades

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My mannikin finally has enough skills for unlocking T3 fully, and he is in Nar Shaddaa at a point where he won't be able to talk to T3 for a looong time (if Exile leaves the Refugee Sector by the front door then the Red Eclipse event will be triggered). So I thought this would be the perfect time for doing T3's upgrades, especially as T3 is going to play a big role in the events to come.


The upgrades I've done earlier are 1st Computer (INT+1) and 1st/2nd Repair (CON+1/DEX+1). If I talk to T3 then 2nd Computer and 3rd Repair are available as expected, but if I do the 2nd Computer upgrade then the computer option disappears instead of changing to the text associated with the 3rd upgrade, regardless of the sequence I try and regardless of location (Ebon Hawk or elsewhere). In most cases the outcome is that things work almost normally - except that the 3rd Computer upgrade (INT+1, WIS+1, 750 XP) cannot be done - but there was also a combo where the 3rd Comp upgrade was available but then the 3rd Repair and the final upgrade were no longer there.


The Exile has tons of influence with T3, and he can get even more by unlocking the Bastila holo but that does not change things any.


Is this a known problem with a known workaround, or is it just a random glitch?


JFTR, here is the upgrade info as posted on GameFAQs:


   [Computer, 1st time] +1 INT, 250 XP


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Hmm, wierd things happening. I opened up KotOR Tool and looked at the global variables. From what I can tell, the variables 000_T3_Computer and 000_T3_Repair correspond to the number of times you have upgraded each. For me, Repair was at 3 (for the three upgrades).


However, when upgrading computer the number jumps from 1 to 3. I tried editing 000_T3_Computer to 2. This seemed to work: in game, I got the missing dialogue option for the third upgrade. "[Due to your computer skills, T3 has gained an additional +1 Intelligence and +1 Wisdom.]"


BUT, despite that message, the +1 INT, +1 WIS bonuses went to the Exile, not to T3!


I think this option is glitched up. Oh well. Who needed +1 WIS on T3, anyways?

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