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game alters desktop gamma

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As the title suggests - when I exit Kotor 2 regardless of whether Ive altered the ingame

gamma or not the desktop looks bleached out .


I can go to Display Properties and the Colour panel and then it automatically flips back to the correct brightness without me actually altering any settings. Its a weird and very annoying bug.


My system:



9700 non pro


Windows XP Pro + SP2


DirectX 9.0c

4.11 catalysts


I did use the 4.12s which had the same problem but I went back to the 4.11s

because of posts about them being the best drivers for Kotor.


Performance is fine - I play at 1024x768 high details but no soft shadows

and 2x AA and 4xAF enabled. No AA and AF makes no differance.


Im not using a 3rd party program like Powerstrip or Rage3d tweak - this is the game

and the best official drivers together doing somethin' screwy - can anyone help?

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