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Blur effect bug

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I dont know if anyone else has encountered this problem, but i have with my 2000 pro com encountered bugs with blur effect caused by both speed and the area around tunnels on nar shadda, it doesnt always happen but can be quite annoying since it can make it difficult to see if or not speed is on and effective also view is made quite poor when its under effect, could it be possible so make either Different effects for speed and blur in tunnels due to the scrample you suffer by Visquis, or do anything to seperate the 2 so they dont mess up.


If anyone else seen or exsperienced problem and found a solution please private message me or reply topic.

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I'll confess I don't quite understand exactly what the problem you are experiencing is, but if the problem is primarily with the blur effect of speed, you can remove it by using the mod in this thread, or by turning frame buffers off in the advanced graphics options menu. Though the second solution will also remove other effects, which would make the game's graphics worse.

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