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Jawas on Tattoine

Should the Tattoine government do more to integrate Jawas?  

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  1. 1. Should the Tattoine government do more to integrate Jawas?

    • Yes
    • No
    • Yes (If they'll keep strictly to themselves)
    • Only if they stay away from my beautiful robot daughters!
    • We would need more parking space for Sandcrawlers first
    • I would marry a Jawa right now if I could!
    • As long as I get a discount when buying droids, I dont care
    • Utini! (I AM a Jawa. Damn sure they should!)
    • Utini! (I AM a Jawa. I prefer the desert, thank you very much)
    • Utini! (I AM a Jawa and I couldn't care less)

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Under the desert sun of Tattoine, emotions flare.

People are prejudiced against Jawas, call them names and lay waste to sandcrawlers. What has the government done? What can the government do?


Will you stand up for the Jawas and break the circle of violence or would you rather let them fall prey to sandpeople?


This time, your actions affect everyone around you!

Choose wisely!

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What government?


The government WAS Czerka, and I guess they left (seeing that they were staging leaving in Kotor1 and it is 5 years later now).

That means that the Sandpeople and Jawa both have full control, they just don't want to leave peacefully with eachother (HK-peacetreaty maybe?)


Or do you mean the Luke Skywalker time Tatooine?

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