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I am curious to find out what 'inspire followers I-VI' actually does,as it doesn't appear in my jedi master's power list (bug) and when I cast it I can't find the difference...


I also want to ask the same about crush opposition,and if you can tell me what's the special power for sith lord,jedi watchman and master (like force crush to sith assasin).



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Thanks.And what are the special powers for those classes?


ALL DS prestige classes get force crush. All LS prestige classes get force enlightenment (i think that is what it is called). It lets you cast all your buffing powers (speed, aura, armor, etc) at once. It is quite useful.


Sith mauraders get fury (increased damage at the expence of Def), weapons masters get increased damage (i think it is the same, but no defence penalties). Bot mauraders and meapon masters get improved weapon specialization and reduced damage taken.


Jedi masters get inspire followers, sith lords get crush opposition. I am not sure if that is all.


Assassins and watchman get increased sneak attack damage (i think).


There are probably more that I am forgetting, but if no one else knows them, let me know and I will look it up for you.

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