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Darkside a joke or broken several times

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This is my second time through and I'm playing darkside. They still didn't get it right for my play style. You still seem a little thuggish rather than the darkside manipulator. The big problem though is I've been running into a lot of conversation dialog that seems should earn you a darkside point and nothing happens.


That is annoying, but what really gets is two part is the game so far are really wrong or just broke. I take Mira to Nar Shaddaa to make her a Jedi and every conversation choice I pick sounds darkside, but at the end I have a net gain of light side? The only thing I can think is the dialog I have to say that echoes Kreia talked about kindness so it is forcing me to get lightside points. That is really wrong.


The next is I had to go lightside enough to make sure I got Mira so now I'm trying as hard as I can to make up the darkside points so I can get a DS prestige class. I'm on Duxon and I find that missing Mandalorian. Again I'm trying to get max ds so I'm trying to save him in an evil way to at least not get an ls point, hopefully get a ds point, and then get a second when I tell the others what really happened. I'm as rude and mean as possible. No ds ok fine. I'm rude again and even use the force to force him to agree to give me a reward before I'll even save him and I still get a LS point. WTF?


I'm sorry but LS falling to the darkside is much too hard. The darkside is the quick and easy path. It is supposed to be easy to fall to the darkside and half the time my evil act net me nothing on my path to the darkside. They just make sure I don't get a ls point.....some times.

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Quick and easy would have been pushing the big red button and blowing mandalorian parts all over that damned rock he was standing on, only thing i can suggest is try to be more evil rescue is to nice anyways.


The dialog is not really what i want as a DS either but atleast its better then KOTOR I.


I also have to say that i have trouble gathering in my DS points on my second playtrough wich im doing now but that might also be because im just to much a LS player and hate killing my jedi masters well exept vrook :lol:

" So... let me get this straight. You want to fly on a magic carpet to see the King of the Potato People and plead with him for your freedom, and you're telling me you're completely sane? "

- Rimmer, Quarantine

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Yep, DS is far too hard in KOTOR2.


I could get LS mastery within 1 planet, and if I drop to influence HK and GO-TO,it is no problem to get LS mastery back, but even after finishing the whole game (for one time) I couldn't manage to get DS mastery (once).


And then they say DS is the easy way :)


Also a lot of strange things cause LS points. I heal some guys from Dantooine for the assault and get LS points for all (why?)

I get the Dantooine woman to pay me extra while the city needs money, no DS

A lot of other money-improving convo's also don't give DS.

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