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Message for the devs

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I'm not going to bash KotOR2. I thoroughly enjoy the game. I played through it once, and I'm playing through it now with several different characters. I'm sure you were put under immense pressur by LA to get the product cranked out by projected release date, however there are some strange quirks in the story line that are unresolvable, like HK-47's id of the HK tracking device. I thought that when he said that I would end up facing hordes of HK series droids. Never saw another one. And the "true" ending thread I read earlier. Files with necessary content are apparently present in the original installation. It would be nice if those issues could be resolved in a patch or free downlaodable add-on ala Icewind Dale. I'm a patient person, and if something like this takes a few months, fine. If it's an enormous download, fine. I know this is your first product, but your team comes with a long list of games and names. Black Isle, Planescape: Torment, Icewind Dale, ect... Every board has bitchers and whiners, it's a fact of life on every board I've visited with few exceptions. Your team's previous successes have built up great expectations with the fan base, and naturally, everyone's a little miffed when it falls short (some would say way short). Since this is a single player only game, story is of paramount importance. I personally think the graphics are fine, I feel there is enough eye candy, there are a few bugs that need fixed, but that's what you get these days when you buy a game at release. If you folks could either "fix" the story line or remove the affected parts (I personally prefer fix), it would go a long way in calming all of us restless natives. I thoroughly enjoy the game, and patching it will only make it better. I finished my first game at around 50+ hours and still missed a few side quests, so replayability is high in my estimation, and I'm looking forward to the first patch. And thanks for making the game in the first place :cool:

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This is the MTV generation dude. We like


*Bullet points like this


*And quick attention grabbers


>_<:blink::p Like This :wub::thumbsup::huh:




If it looks like it takes too long to read we don't read it. But hey, maybe it's time to start reading for substance and forget the flashiness.

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