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Bioware VS Obsidian

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Who was the fastest to release their first patch? I think Bioware was very fast to release their first beta patch... But it looks like Obsidian want to take their time and fix all the bugs (um well good luck). Honestly, I doubt they will ever be able to fix them all.


Imo, they want to release a single patch so that they are done once and for all with it! It seems to me that they want to leave that project as fast as possible, now that they got their money. Afterall, even with all the complaints, they did VERY well since the game even beat WoW in the UK! So if money is all they care about, they managed to do an excellent job.


They will never release added content or improved music/video, that's for sure. Now I would say that Obsidian should take example on Valve, I mean, everytime I start Half-Life 2 there is a new thing to download! And the game didn't even need a patch in the first place. And I'm sure Valve is making a lot of money right now, so LucasArts please take example on them!


I don't know really, I think the game market today is weird, on one hand, they rush games and on the other hand, they take years to release some project... (HL2, Duke Nukem Forever)

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