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Crashses (Athlon2.4/NVidia FX5200)

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We're getting a hard crash - Just a few minutes after entering the lower mining tunnels on the asteroid (early in game).


It puts the computer into full reset with a "serious error" message to send to Redmond. (Does Obsidian ever get these? We as users could try to support it if they do - I never have).


System is a 2.4G Athlon, Asus/VIA mobo with int. sound, , 512 RAM, and a 256MB NVidia FX5200 graphics card.

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Update your sound and graphics drivers (they're usually the main culprits). Remember to uninstall the old drivers first and not let windows install the driver for you. It's unlikely to be the graphics card, but update them anyway. If you have the latest soundcard drivers try an older set. Other than that you could try playing up to the same point with an old savegame, or reinstalling hte game.

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