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Game Wont Start

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This is really strange, I could play the game perfectly for about a week then all of a sudden it wouldn't start running. I've had this problem for about a week now. Basically I run the game via the launcher and nothing happens, I then have to disable swkotor2.exe in the process manager.


I just found a solution by going into configurations via the launcher and disabling both sound AND vidoes however this isnt the kind of solution I was looking for.


I'm currently using a laptop w/ Ati 9700 Mobility Pro.


- On occasion eg. 1/100 it will work without having to change anything, however it's so rare that I wouldn't rinse and repeat this process ever.

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yeah I've got a desktop with athlon xp 2100 and nvdia graphics and I completed the game totally fine then I got a new laptop with 2GHz centrino and 9700 ATI and the game refuses to work. I can start a new game select character and then after the first movie the game just doesnt load the prelude and freezes until restart

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