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Has anyone with IGP got this to work yet?

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This thread is ONLY for IGP users who wish to discuss the current issues with KOTORII. The only acception is if you have first hand knowledge of a person with an IGP playing this game fine (no freeze ups after the asteroid belt.. etc).


So let's hear it, any progress guys/girls?


Here's my run down:


Game installed fine. Game seemed to play fine, in the menu area, character selection, etc.. and then after the initial scrolling text movie--AND the asteroid belt movie.. I see the interior (30% of the time) of the Ebon Hawk and then it freezes.. or (the other 70% of the time) it doesn't show the interior.. I hear music.. then it black screens.. and BANG.. microsoft error.




What's yer war tale eh?

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My tale is really same as you. All are scary the same.



Edit : Intrama, I wish to post some of solution I'd got in this thread. (Though they could solve our problem or not....)



About some of solution I've got something since I've been here for 9 days or longer than that.



---- Some say about "glide wrapper" or something, Which is an emulator for such graphic driver or even graphic card. It's thing that used to use for Nintendo 64 emulator with based on glide3D (some old graphic library) so it could play on PC (whom no 3D cards have glide3D compatible).


For this issue I just search for "wrapper" topic and had seen just some old forums (about 1999-2000). Now I'm trying to find such OpenGL 1.4 wrapper. Because of my lack of language and comp technical experience, I can go further for a little but I'll try.



---- About "play from another saved game", I 've heard about this 4-5 days ago, and it's related to exact problem that we couldn't play this game.

KotOR2 has some sucking visual effect which our Graphic cards are incompatible to it. (That's why we could play KotOR1 fine but can't play KotOR2 to even they're on the same graphic engine.) And this visual effect is occured in Peragus (including intro of T3 vision in Ebon Hawk and some otherwhere, I don't know.)


So it's come to conclusion that if we play from saved game of another area in the game which haven't use this visual effect. we could get through these BSoDs problem. (But then, I didn't try by myself 'cos there's no one has sent me their save game I beg!)


Yet I'm not sure where they've used these visual effect in the game.


For this issue I think that IF we're strong enough to bargain with LA or OE to cut off these weird effect in such a spectial patch or something, all of our problem will be solved.

OR we could make our own spectial patch to disable these issue!! But I'm not comp expert (if only I know how....grrrrr ), someone could do this...

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