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Poisoning Vogga's Cath Hounds


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I was just wondering how you go about poisoning Vogga the Hutt's Cath Hounds. I know that you should be able to do something with their watering dish because you can "interact" with it. It's probably part of some quest, I imagine, so you can access that locked door in his "den." Anyone have any ideas?

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In the Nar Shadaa docks area, the apartment complex, there is a room with two aliens. It's the first room you'll see when you enter the hallway. They'll say something like "you can't sneak up on us". Well, you can. Go into stealth mode and go eavesdrop on them. They'll talk about putting the hounds to sleep with juma juice (sp?). Right, well, go to the cantina in the entertainment area and ask the bartender about juma juice. I think it's 100 credits, but you can barter it down to half. Talk to the Twilek in the cantina and he'll let you (or one of your companions) dance for Vogga. That'll put him to sleep. Click on the water bowl. That should put the hounds to sleep as well. Then it's just a matter of opening the door and helping yourself.

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