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Unsure of what to do next

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I'm a first time poster, so excuse any errors in my explanations and there might be spoilers...


My specs are:

P4 2.4ghz

1024 DDR ram

200gb hd

9600 ATI Radeon Graphics Card

Windows XP with SP2


I installed the game and managed to beat Peragus and Telos without any problems in either the installation or the gameplay - that is, until i went to Onderon, where I crashed on Dxun and managed to do all the quests before I finally got enough prestige to ask Mandalore to take me to the main planet. I got the clip scene where Mandalore talks to a mandolorian before Kreia joins them and it gets to the point where you see the guy who you gathered the parts for near the entrance to the camp count 1, 2, 3... then the game crashes. I thought, maybe it was a fluke, however the next four times I replayed that save game, convinced me it wasn't. I thought alright, forget Onderon - go to another planet. So I go to Nar Shadda, which I succesfully completed and then I decided to go to Dantooine where the FPS dropped to the point where it looked like a slideshow. I went to the forums where it was suggested to put in Disable Vertex Buffer Objects=1 and changing the values of the 2D/3D sound options in the .ini file which fixed that problem, so I decided to I try Dxun again, yet had the same problem so I went to the remaining planet Korriban. I can land, and walk around the tomb area, however upon reaching the entrance to the Academy the game crashes and if I enter the caves, I get to the point where the Terantrek was in the first KOTOR, before it crashes. I also seem to have a problem with the refreshing of my monitor whenever the game crashes, yet when I restart the game, the character in the main menu is sharper and more detailed. I have only experienced a blank screen once, when I was on the academy on Telos and boarded the Ebon Hawk. Another problem is that the light/dark meter seems to be broken. I'm playing an LS character and my NPC's are accordingly in the "Light" yet whenever I check on their equipment or go to level up, they are fully dark side. I have also sometimes had the taskbar show up in the cutscenes but that seems to be a random bug. Has anyone else experienced any of these problems, and if so what did you do to fix it?

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Everything you have reported here has been submitted on the Bugs Thread and other threads in this forum.


The random crashes are still a mystery. Some say that if you have an ATI card, use the 4.11 drivers and that will solve that problem. Some say it doesn't work. You wil just have to try it for yourself.


NPC Party alignment is a big topic as well. Numerous posters have reported the exact same bug and there is currently no known cause or cure.


There is a patch coming... Hopefully, very soon... That will hopefully addresses what are major, gamestopping issues if in fact these are game related and not hardware (video card) or driver related.

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