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Probl Kotor 2 :/


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Hi !

I have a problem and I would like to know if someone could help me.

I explain :

i installed kotor2 without any problem and i could play it with last ati omega drivers, but when i left i could not come back to the save (crash and comeback to window at the launch).And now, it's the same for create a character.

So I tested several ati drivers and it didn t solve my trouble ( I chechek some US forums saying best drivers are cata 4.11 and omega which focuses on the 4.12, but without success :rolleyes: I tested a lot of other drivers (last cataclsime) and it doesn t work.

I lowered all to the minimum and switch down the musique and my Auto save which has been created is able to launch (if i let the musique play it launches but 2mins passed and the game crashes)

Actually, i have omega based on 4.12 cataclisme

Here u can find some infos about my comp :




Thx :D

ps: sry for my english so i am french :ph34r:

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Hmm..I don't really see anything out-of-line with your setup except that you seem to be using the motherboard's onboard sound. I see you're forcing software sound, but that could be the root of your trouble. How does the game work if you disable sound entirely?


Also, do you have any CD recording or backup programs installed?

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