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Superior Two-Weapon Fighting

Guest Damar Stiehl

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Guest Damar Stiehl

I went Weaponsmaster last night and now I can access Superior Two Weapon Fighting feat. I already have the entire Dual Wielding feat line purchased. Does it make any sense for me to purchase Superior line?



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Does it make any sense for me to purchase Superior line?


Have a look at the combat feedback in the message log. If there are enemies that have higher defense than attack + 2 on your weaker hand then it might make a certain amount of sense. How much sense this is depends how big the gap is...


There is no benefit to boosting attack higher than enemy_defense - 2: a roll of 1 is an automatic miss and your strike connects when (attack + roll) >= defense, so you have to roll at least a 2 in order to hit in any case.


If I remember correctly then you have at most one strike per round with your off-hand, while the main hand can strike up to four times (Flurry + Master Speed). So the off-hand is not quite as important as the main hand. Also, there don't seem to be any hard-to-hit enemies in this game except for one or two bosses, which means having high attack is less important than in the original KotOR.


So, watch the combat feedback.

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