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G0T0's ship

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I am sure this has been mentioned, somewhere, by someone but I do not have the time to scavenge through all the posts looking for it, and I am far too frustrated.


I cannot get out of G0T0's ship. I get to the end and nothing happens.


I have restarted and tried again, 4 times with different characters.

I have read online walkthroughs and have avoided messing with the inanimate droids cores since the walkthroughs tell me that it's a bad thing.



One thing I have noticed is that I am never given the ability to overload the Containment Cells and so am never given access to the turret controls. Every time I try to access the cells it tells me I am at the wrong terminal, but I try every terminal in the entire ship and NONE of them work. I even used Bao-Dur and while he gets me access, I still cannot get off the ship at the end.

I have picked up the strat guide and used it to find the right terminal and that terminal stubbornly tells me I am SOL.


Now I am a hair's breadth from adding this disk to my illustrious collection of AOL, Compuserve and Everquest disks and ranking this game one of the worst pieces of garbage to ever hit store shelves (Normally I would rate it much higher, up till this point I was having a lot of fun. However any game that places you in a situation where you spend days worth of free time just trying to figure out how to keep playing the game deserves a 0, a fat goose egg.)


My frustration and severe crankiness aside, does anyone have any clue what I can do?

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I didn't have much trouble. Make sure you search every droid you kill for command codes or programs. Then go to a Command Console, not a Security console, to input the codes/programs. I didn't overload the cells, I shut them down with the ShutDown program, which should be the first you find on the T3-style droid in the first room.


Once you have access to the cells, you can get two more important items.


Shutting down turrets, mines, or droids wasn't really important on the console. Do it for experience after you've run through and destroyed them all.


After the cells, rescue the Exile, then go to the bridge. The bridge on the left side of the map is where you need to finish your quest, and then escape back to the room you started in and out the airlock.


Hope I haven't been too vague or too spoily.

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In the same room where u find exile is a console. Download the program and go to the bridge. On the bridge are two consoles. I disabled primary power on the right console and shat down power on the left one.

Then I was attacked by hunters and that’s it go to exit.

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