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help scene freeze at dxun!!

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sad.gif well i land on dxun clear the area then i go to Onderon clear that world too and the I go back to Dxun, Mandalore says that he will join and that he would speak with me later then ATTON comes and the scene freezes can anybody help me and please e-mail me

btw i think that onderon is my last planet i've contacted all the jedi masters expect Atris

i wanna play but i'm stuck please somebody HELP sad.gif

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I'm not clear from your paragraph exactly when the game is freezing.


IF it's freezing when you're trying to re-enter Mandalore's camp (after coming back from Onderon), then the same thing happened to me. In that case, empty your party and enter the camp by yourself, and it will work.


If that's not it, then I dunno.

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