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Stuck after Red Exiles??

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I think my game broke or something, After going to my ship and getting rid fo the red exiles on Nar shadda there was a cut scene that got shorted out by teh auto saving. Afterthat there's been two attons(one outside the ship and one inside)....can i can't seem to progress despite having done everything on Nar Shadda... has anyone experienced this??

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I have the same problem that Diablo has. The only thing left to do on Nar Shadaa is to meet with the exchange... but its not doing it. I've beaten all the Red Eclipse Slavers, I've done all the little missions on the map, I have beaten the Champ in Pazaak, I even paid the mouse-guy 2000 credits to gain the Exchanges attention. Is there a way to fix this glitch? or do I just have to wait for a patch update?


I have gone on to finish all I can do on every other world available, but now I am being held up because I can't get a meeting with the Exchange which goes on to the Goto board.


Any help?

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