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Suggestion for future games


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One thing I noticed about KOTOR2 is that a lot of thought went into Peragus. However, even basic psychology shows that people remember the beginning and end of something more than the rest.


Which is why my big suggestion is that the introduction and end sequences should be worked on at the same time with the same care. That way you also have a strong point A to B and can tweak the plot/events in the middle as necessary to reach it.


Of course the trick would be getting these segments to an acceptable level of depth and detail, and then 'locking them down.' Also, by working in the various endings and events to effect the endings first, it helps outline what exactly needs to be handled in the other areas.


Then things can be prioritized, everything that does not directly effect the ending events or is required to reach it is then a lower priority for the game then the other things.


But hey, you're the guys who get paid for this stuff, not me. :)

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