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The Jedi Civil War

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Just curious as to why Obsidian felt the need to change the name of the Sith War in KotOR to the "Jedi Civil War" - KotOR frequently had it billed as a war between the Republic and the growing (neo) Sith Empire.


One: whilst it might be true that a lot of people don't know the difference between Jedi and Sith, the Republic military and the Jedi themselves *certainly* didn't see it as a "Jedi Civil War" during KotOR 1- it was always "the war against the Sith". So why military figures and Jedi would refer to it as the "Jedi Civil War" in KotOR 2 is beyond me. The entire conflict was the Sith fleet fighting the Republic fleet.


Two: Yes, though the Republic might not have been the true target as Kreia says, whilst it might have always been the Jedi that the Sith were aiming for: the Republic and the rest of the galaxy wouldn't look at it that way, and wouldn't refer to it as "the Jedi Civil War".


Three: Revan was *no longer a Jedi* (in their eyes or the eyes of the Republic at least), so how could it be a "Jedi Civil War"?


I mean, the Great Schism really *was* a Jedi Civil War. The Jedi philosophies had not been truly set in stone, some Jedi expermented with the dark-side, Xendor and all his Jedi followers went into battle against the Jedi etc - they got beaten, fled to the Sith worlds, took them over and established a dark side Empire. After which they were no longer Jedi, they were Sith Lords.


The war in KotoR was nothign like a war between Jedi with the Republic caught in the middle- it was pretty clearly a war of the Sith against the Republic, with the Jedi acting as elite troops/whatever in the Republic's service.


I know that "the Sith War" was already taken, but KotOR did acknowledge this by referring to the war against Kun as the "last Sith War" or "the Great Sith War"- so what possible reason did Obsidian have for messing with the continuity? I mean, it's only minor but it really annoyed me at the start of the game. Especially since it's such a *small* thing to have changed, yet so damn irritating.


It doesn't matter that much... I just... don't... understand... :devil:

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I think it's a lot like how "The Great War" has become "World War I" in retrospect. To most of the outsiders, the general public, they don't see the difference between Revan and the other Jedi. Especially since she was a Jedi. From the populace's POV, it was a civil war.

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