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Random Crashes


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randomly through the game, the game will freeze up and i will be presented with a screen that says, "Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2; has encountered an error and needs to shut down." This bug occurs about once every 20-30 mins, doesn't save where i em, and there doesn't seem to be anything that triggers it, all the occurences have happened randomly.


On another note, I have destroyed Goto's ship, solved the telos fuel with Vooga, been to every singal planet, saved the queen, and so on, but i'm unable to advance the plot any further. Can someone give me some clues as what to do next? And when o i get to pick my archtype? i'm still jsut a plain jedi counseler.

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This is probably the bug listed in the game's Readme.txt: "The game may freeze or crash to a blank screen if you play in one level for extended periods of time. This was typically seen when playing the game between thirty and forty minutes without transitioning to a new level or movie. We recommend that you save the game often to avoid losing progress if you encounter this issue."


The bad news is that they released the game while knowing the bug exists. The good news is that it will almost certainly be addressed in the first game patch. No word yet on when such a patch will be out.


As far as getting your prestige class, you need to have influence with your party members andbe 15th level or better. Then speak to Kreia. She will train you.

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