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in need of help

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Yes, I had the exact same problem on my laptop equipped with an ATI chipset. KoTOR II is quite buggy with ATI cards (I assume this is your problem, otherwise I don't know). What I did was to download the latest OMEGA drivers (www.omegadrivers.net), and then the game worked.


However, it didn't work well.. Stutters, glitches, missing sound in movies, and then on Dantooine, an absolutely horrendous slowdown bug, that made ithe planet unplayable. Might be the bugs pop up a bit differently with you, it seems to be a bit random. Luckily for me, after I gave up trying to run the game on my powerful, fast laptop, and installed it on my stationary PC with a NVIDIA gfx card, the game ran almost perfectly (some minor quibbles and bugs, that did not hinder playing the game).


If you have an ATI, and only an ATI card, and the problems persist, I guess you can either wait for a patch or buy another gfxcard. Anyway, hope this helps :ermm:

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