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GO-TO / Goto's background

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Finally got enough influence on GO-TO to get the full story about how he was originally the Republic droid that went astray (but not by his definition). Pretty amusing, considering that he's actually silent for a bit, pausing to come up with some sort of answer, when he normally comes up with snide remarks almost instantly.


This almost reminds me of the first Star Trek movie, where VGER was really the original Voyager that had disappeared all of those years back.

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How did you unlock his backstory? He's the only one that I haven't been able to unlock.


Getting influence with GO-TO was a bit more difficult than the others, and GO-TO needs to be in your party, for most of them. In general, if you are a ruthless character, you'll get some influence, though not to the same extent you would get with HK.


I got some influence by killing the Sullustan on Dantooine, after first threatening to turn him in.


You can get more influence on Onderon, by selling the starport visa to Sakare in the Cantina, and then more by having GO-TO assist with repairing the droid that sells the parts in the Western Square.


In the Merchant District, I tried to persuade the guy attempting to incite the crowd to calm down, and that failed. I told the captain that he'd better call for reinforcements, and I got some influence with GO-TO.

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