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Advanced Charactar Creation

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Basic Charactar Creation


What is basic charactar creation ?

when you answer ...

--- what stats should I have

... what class should I be

... single, or double light sabre ?

... what feats ?

... what skills ?


What is Advanced ? Anything beyond that.

...oh , and charactar creation doesn't stop when the game begins, you're stiill picking feats and skills and force powers all the way through the game... so you are still creating your charactar right up to the end game. :(



The Really Nifty Loot Table


There is in this game a really nifty loot table with the coolest of stuff in it. When your charactar is created , you get your own tiny little "personal" loot table, with several items picked out from it. Anything else from the really nifty loot table that didn't make it toyour personal table, you will never see drop , ever in the game.


Until you make another charactar, and your personal loot table is regenerated with different items.


You can see where this is going , can't you ?


Run through Peragus II as fast as you can , skipping as much as you can , until you get a few nice items , and especially that "gift" , the one nice item that drops once and only once, and never again ?


If it sucks, start another charactar and do it again , thus regenerating the loot table. If it's ok, go back and do all the quests you missed. ;)


Kriea Deux Ex Machina


Kriea is a piece of game mechanics. She doles out secret force powers. She drives the story. She handles your transition from regular jedi to prestige class jedi of your choice. She's got a nice back story and her own motives, yes, but it is important to notice she is a piece of the game mechanics, and thus subject to manipulation during charactar creation.


The two relevant pieces of information here are ...

1... she's not going anywhere. No matter how bad you mistreat her or she decides she hates you , she's sticking around.

2... good influence means she follows you to light or dark. Bad influence means she goes the other way.


This opens up the obvious possibility of you going all the way light side, but missing no chance to tick her off and reject her teachings thus forcing her all the way dark.


And then racking her up with dark side powers. :evillol:


Try to picture your charactar with light side mastery , tossing force powers left and right , and standing beside you is Kriea , with dark side mastery , tossing off dark lightning storms as if they were nothing. The two of you just cleaning house ...


You get the picture. :p




This game solo's. A lot. You. Some npc's . Lots.

But you have no real control over the NPC's. Sure you get some of them and get to level them up a few times. but those charactars are already built and all you can really do is keep them leveling in the direction they had already started to go in.


Your charactar , when he or she solo's , however , is another matter.


You must be prepared to deal with the following situations when you solo.



- Demolitions will disarm

- Stun Droid tree powers will disarm some of them, but not all !

- Deliberately step on one, run back and heal up , come back and trigger the next. Painful , but it works.


Locked Doors

- security unlocks

- doors may be bashed open

- a mine may blow open a door

- some doors have broken locks, you must mine or bash. And sometimes mine only


Locked Chests / lockers

- security unlocks

- chests may be bashed open. This may damage the contents and cost you loot

- Some chests have broken locks, you may have to blow them open with a mine

- a chest with a broken lock usually cannot be bashed. They force you into using a mine or nothing.


Mobs of Monsters

- Usually enough to guarentee that if you just charge ahead with light sabre swinging you'll die.

- Stealth forward or around them

- Cavalry tactics (pick on a stray , kill him , run back and heal up, , repeat as required)


Computer Terminals

- Computer skill makes life easy

- plot important points always have a way to work around it, though it usually involves a lot of inconvienient running around

- some minor quests may not be doable without computer skill , but the odds of running into one while soloing , and not being able to draw upon some party member with the skill , are slight at best. Not worth worrying about

- If a door just wont open , and you know for a fact this terminal opens it, there's usually a "smash terminal" option that will open the door. This option deny's you any xp for solving the problem on your own.




You may make various minor one shot items (heal packs, stimulants) and upgrades with your skills. Which skills you ask ? Pretty much all of them. Medical can make implants, most skills can make armor enhancments of one sort or another to benifit that skilll ....

... make sure you have someone maxing out every skill in your party. Crafting can wait until you're not soloing , however , so it doesn'thave to be your main charactar. Just make sure every skill is accounted for so you can make pretty much anything.


T3-M4 can act as a work bench , but when he's doing it HE can't use HIS OWN skills on that bench , so using him means you are using some other NPC (or your main charactar) on the bench. So if he's the only one with maxed out repair ...


The Minor's Uniform


This item is always found in Peragus in a specific chamber. You'r charactar is basically running around in his underwear and you have to endure a lot of "naked jedi" jokes until you find it. It says it's upgradable , but you never seem to find any upgrades that it will accept.


The uniform will accept an armor underlay that regenerates. If one doesn't drop , someone with medical skill can manufacture one at a work bench for a few components.


Don't lose this, there's at least one place I know where your charactar suddenly loses the ability to regenerate force points. Throwing this thing on between battles and regenerating will save you a lot of standing around looking bored while you wait for your health to come back up. It's also a decent item in it's own right in the early game, but don't sell it off if you find better.




Your charactar is the ONLY talker. That means if you take command of Kriea , walk over to some random npc and start talking, Kriea will suddenly vanish and it will be your main charactar doing all the talking.

-- Persuade Skill

-- Force Persuade

-- Wing it ! There's always a way for plot important points. But the game developers will punish you by making you do a lot of running around for even simple things. Or Making Kreia step in and solve it for you (thus denying you the xp reward for doing it yourself , but making sure you don't get stuck in the story)





Maxing out your influence with some NPC typically results in them becoming a Jedi (not possible for every npc, and not possible for droids right off the top). Needless to say , worrying about T3's influence unduely is a waste since he can't poissibly become a jedi. Ditto worrying about anyone who's already a Jedi.

- There are still rewards for finishing their little histories or conversation tree's, but if the final goal you're looking for is they become a jedi ,and they're already one (or can never be one) you may want to ignore that npc


To Thyne Own Self Be True


Kissing everyones (ahem) to influence them may be the best way to win the game, but sometimes you just gotta say 'Whoa ! Enough' and play it in line with your own personal believes and let the chips fall where they may. I mean being polite and avoiding nasty comments is one thing, we all have to do that in real life it's nothing, but don't take it too far ! This is a game , save the kissy kissy's for real people and charge up the blasters for the game npc's you hate. What can I tell you.


Just some random musings before I start over ...


... gawd my drops suck ... lets try this again ...

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Oh yeah , skill stooping.


You don't have to spend all your skill points when you make a charactar.


If you plan on taking demolitions , for example, but its cross class for you , don't put any points at all in it. Hang onto those points.


Level 2 , your first feat goes into making Demolitions a full class skill.


Level 3 you actually get to spend the points, and bring up demolitions to it's max value for your level , as if you'd had it all along and it was full class all along.


Gotta stoop around for the first two levels with no demolitions kill at all though ... but in the end you got maxed out demo (or whatever skill you had in mind) so its probably worth it.

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