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Atton disappeared from the ship (glitch)


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*trying to avoid spoilers*


After getting your ship back (and leaving a certain frigid place), there is the cutscene where you view that certain holo recording. The first time I played through this, all went fine. The second time I played through it, Atton vanishes after the cutscene (he is nowhere in the ship to be seen).


*now slight spoilers concerning that portion*


Both games were played as a Dark Side male. The only difference in those two games was that in the first (where there were no troubles) I had not gained enough points for the Visas cutscene to play. In the second, I did more quests on the star base before going down to the planet, and that cutscene played then already.


Anyway, in the second game Atton vanishes after the cutscene where people talk after viewing the holo-record (and a certain girl makes her appearance). He talks in that cutscene as usual, but afterwards is nowhere to be seen. And when I land the ship somewhere, then step out and then back in again and meet Visas, her body is taken to the medical room, but she is ALSO standing in her room. And no other partymembers animate at all. They just stand at their usual positions (except Atton who is nowhere to be seen, and one of the people who I had in my party - she was stuck standing at the door to the med room).


Any cutscene where Atton was supposed to show up (like to tease the new girl as she's training in the cargo bay, or player suggesting that she play pazaak with Atton) just abort. No error message, no dropping out of game, they just end abruptly when it would be his turn to do something.


I have no idea what did this. I should have the savegame available if someone wants to test it out on their rig...

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