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I just finished the game for the first time.

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TSL started out good, but there were far too many discrepancies and plot holes and unresolved issues for my tastes. Being an optimist, I'll give Obsidian the benefit of the doubt and assume (hope?) that there's something I missed. I heard that it's possible to convert characters into Jedi or Sith, which I didn't do. I also played a dark side character. Maybe with enough influence or on the light side theres dialogue that explains some of these issues. No theories please, I can come up with those on my own. I want in-game "facts" only.


1. Names. This is one thing that's been driving me crazy. How do I know names of the Ravager and Nihilus? I know Nihilus because of the internet and magazines, but how does my character know? Unless I missed something, his name is never spoken in dialogue. Also, how do I know about the Ravager and the fact that Nihilus is aboard it? Also, how do I (the exile) know Sion's name? I didn't hear it spoken in dialogue until Korriban, long after I see it in a player dialogue option.


2. What happened at Malachor V? That was never explained. I don't mean at the end of the game (although that's a bit of a noodle scratcher as well), I mean ten years before, when the exile was exiled. At the end of the game, the remote has a job of assembling something called a mass generator using the computers of Republic ships, and that will destroy Malachor again. Does that have any significance to it?


3. A comparatively minor point, but one that's been getting on my nerves: What's with GO-TO? Is the droid being controlled remotely by the real Goto? Or has the droid been programmed with Goto's voice and personality, and is operating independantly? The dialogue when the droid is first introduced suggests the former, but it's reference to "my" contstruction and "my" programming suggests the latter. Also, there's a dialogue option with GO-TO about how I saved his ass. If he's just being controlled by the real Goto, I can't see how that's true. Not only did I not save him, but I blew up his ship.


4. What was the point of Nihilus? He had no connection to Kreia, to the exile, to Sion, to Revan, to Malak, or to anyone. What, if anything, did he contribute to the story? Where did he come from? Why was he speaking so weird? Why did he start eating planets?


5. Malachor V (revisited). I really don't know where to begin. So much of it didn't make sense. Did the exile leave Telos with just GO-TO, the remote, and Mira? If so, why just them and not others? If not, how is it that Kreia/Traya can see the future of the other characters after they died? Or did they get off the Ebon Hawk before it fell into that pit and we just didn't see them? Even if that's the case, aren't they stranded on Malachor? What future do they have?


That's about all I've got for the moment.


There's also the matter of the HK factory, Revan's fate, and the "true" Sith Empire, but I read in some threads on this forum that KOTOR 3's already been green-lighted, so I'll just assume that those issues will be resolved then.


Eventually, I'll probably play again to try to figure this stuff out on my own, but I'm impatient. Any help would be appreciated.

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You know the names of Nihilus and Sion the way you know the names of everyone else, the PC mouses over them. :blink: I remember Sion being mentioned by name at one point, it's possible Nihilus may have been mentioned by Visas (or her sister, Mastercards) over supper one night on the Ebon Hawk.

As for Nihilus, my understanding is that he was almost "created" by the exile when she destroyed Malachor V and tore herself away from the force. That energy and shockwave affected many of those on the Dark Side. As well, he and Sion were allies (master and apprentice?) at one point and were with Kreia as well, but for some reason they turned on her. They're Sith, they don't need a reason.


I can't help you with the rest. The story just fell apart near the end, like Spielberg quit as a director and they hired Ed Wood in his place.

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As for Nihilus, my understanding is that he was almost "created" by the exile when she destroyed Malachor V and tore herself away from the force. That energy and shockwave affected many of those on the Dark Side.


I think it's even more than that. As I understand it, Nihilus is the exile, or the part of him that was left when he cut himself off from the Force. The Exile represents life without the Force, and Nihilus the Force without life.

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