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What implants can be created with Labstations?

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PC user here, haven't completed the game (damnit, I just HAD to be busy in the past week, sigh) yet. Hell, I'm only lvl 11 and am tortured as to weither put pts into CON or not...


I'm already at 14 and I can't help but be worried about lame drops and NO, I won't reload for anything but rewards.


But I did notice you can create some cheap implants and had me wondering of how much of them you can actually create.


Seriously, I'm not asking for a detailed list, but can you create all of them up to 16 CON-required or something? And what kind of skills req? Above 30, I suppose...


I figure the universal overpowered (universal-D, is it?) one won't be available, but I'm just wondering if any other 18 (except that inexplicably 18-req one you can build right from the start with +1 str/con... wtf?) can be built.


Oh well, I'm off to finish those Gungrave DVDs.


Here's hoping someone can answer by the time I'll be back in a few hours.

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