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Altering a savegame

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Okay, I had the conversation where you determine Revan's gender and I picked female, but after three hours or so of playing I remembered that in the original KOTOR, the Revan I played was male. I want to change my savegame so that the gender I picked for Revan is male.


I opened the save folder and the folder of my savegame itself, and opened the GLOBALVARS file within using Notepad. In it, I found a line that read "101PER_Revan_Sex" Now, this is certainly the code for a female Revan, does anyone know what the code for a male Revan is so I can replace it?


Thanks in advance :)


Edit: I made a new game and got all the way up to the convo point and picked a male Revan, but the code in the new savegame didn't change. Anyone know how I can edit the save to change Revan's gender?

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