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thanx now after i get all my com stuff done i can go play my game again when


she left my whole mind went dead silent and the hardly never happeness i also


forgot to breathe to i was like oh ****!! and such but thanx again im not fliping


out anymore .is cyan a blue crystal ??? cause i hate blue lightsabers cause i hate


luke skywalker i just cant get enougf of lukes father darth vader .i have a


lightsaber now color red cant remember some of the parts though but i do know i


put ashley.n's crystal and siggal im not sure if thats spelled right or not but i put


that in on the upgrade of my lightsaber and i have a vibration lens on the red light


saber i bought a double lightsaber from the guy in the sub level i think it had a


orange crystal but i replaced it with a purple crystal .i forgot to menchune that i


had t3 droid do the upgrade of both lightsabers for me cause the workbench


wouldn't cowaperate grrrrrrrrrrrr ..... :angry:




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