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I am playing on a laptop. Windows XP. Downloading went smoothly. When I start the program, it tells me I should change my screen resolution, but that message goes away so fast I can't read what I should change it to. Then the game screen fills 3/4 of my screen. After that, the startup progresses until I get to the screen after the company names where it says SW KOTOR 2. There, it maximizes, gives me an error message, and exits. The error message is the standard one when one has a nonresponsive program. It says something went wrong, isn't specific, and asks if i would like to report it.


When i tell it to scan my hardware, there's always an error, but it still gives me some information.


I have a warning on my video card.


I have XGI Volari and they don't like it. I downloaded NVidia, but it still says i use xgi volari.


My OpenGL failed. I don't even know what an open GL is, so I couldn't solve that problem.


Everything else passed.

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