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Stuck due to Bug on Telos.

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On the arms deal quest, the one you recieve from the purple lady in the cantina after enquiring about meeting with the exchange boss seems to be buggy.


I goto the medical center and am contacted. They tell me to come alone so I zone into the apartment area and go SOLO mode. I walk up to the door but they tell me to come alone and leave my companions . I am alone! I decided to go with Czerka corp to clear this area instead of Ithorian. So now I have no way to progress. I'm stuck and my entire game is ****ed.


Has anyone else experienced this, and is there a way around it?

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I am having the same issue. Here is what i posted on another forum and never got an answer:


Not sure if this is a game glitch or just my stupidity...

I am on Tilos after excaping peragus. I am told to meet some individuals in apartment B3, and come alone. I enter solo mode and try to go there, but they keep telling me that i have to come alone or they will not talk to me. I have left my party on the other side of the level and walked back by myself, bu theu keep telling me i have to come alone....? Anyone else had this issue?



Does anyone have any insight into this?

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The trick with KOTOR games (I and II) is when they say, "alone" they mean ALONE.


In other words, exit the Ebon Hawk BY YOURSELF. YOUR PARTY WILL CONSIST OF ONE ("1") MEMBER: YOU.


This was the exact same condition for the Assassin Guild Quest on Mannan in KOTOR. The Rodian said, "come alone" and he would explain the data pad you got on Dantooine from that mysterious T'wilek at Anchorhead.


Unless you are *completely* alone, these quests aren't triggered.


Also, a good tip is if you are going to do a lone side-quest, uneqip all of you party members on the Ebon Hawk so you have all of their weapons and other things (shields, stims, visors, gloves, armor, etc.) that you might need as the game lets you take all of that stuff with you via the inventory screen.

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I understand that, but the only problem is that the apartment where my party stays is the only place available to me. At this point in the game, we do not have a ship. When we go to the apartment, there is no option as in the original to select your party when you leave the room. Therefore it is not possible to truly be alone...unless you can think of another way.




EDIT: Never mind. i was not aware of the option to edit your party members through the in-game menues.

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