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character creation folowed by game crash

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hi. i just got the game and installed it.i started a new game , but after i made my character and pressed start the and watched the intro the game crashed and i got an errer report.i believe it's my intel 845G chipset which is officialy unsupported by KotOR 2.is there any way i can make it run on my machine with this chipset?if not,will i have to buy a mother board or can i just buy a new graphics card. ;)

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Some people (including myself) got around this by disabling movies (go to the configure command on the initial launch screeen). This might be a driver issue if you have an ATI card. You can can by w/o the movies until the very very end where everything seems at tad rushed.

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for all the technical experts this was the technical error report:





maybe this will be more specific than my first description.i realy appresiate all your help.thanks guys. :wub:

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