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My brother bought KotOR 2 and is using it fine. I burned the 1st disk to use so we can both play at same time. But, i cant play with the burned one. It installes fine, tells me I meet all the requirements. But when i click on the logo then "game", it works for a second than just quits. Nothing comes up. Every once in a while, a message comes up saying that there wasnt enough time to authenticate the disk. Can I not use a burned disk? How can we both play at the same time (not with each other, of course)?

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So your telling me i have to spend 50 bucks to buy another copy so i can play it?





What you buy with your money is NOT the actual CD/package, you're buying a license to play the game. (The other stuff is just part of getting the software TO you.) That's the "license" you had to read before clicking "I Accept...blah blah blah" right before install.


Generally, no matter what type of software it is, you are only permitted by license (usually) to run one copy of the software at the same time. If you want to run another one, you need to buy another license.


The CP on the Play disc enforces this law.

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