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LA and OE Please read...

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I was enjoying the game, and aside from my swoop racing times not being recorded, I encountered very few problems until I started Dantooine. The FPS dropped to almost nil, but when I changed a graphic setting that reset the screen, it went to normal. But now I can't load savegames while playing. I can load them from the main screen, but not in a game. I can't even seem to go into other areas on Dantooine now.


Why are there so many problems with recent games? Lucasarts and OE had TWO MONTHS after the Xbox release to tweak and fix. Did everyone take a vacation to Aruba? Between KOTOR II and Battlefront, lucasarts has put out some awesome games lately, but both have suffered HUGE compatability issues.


I am a huge Star Wars fan, and between Kotor, Kotor 2, and Battlefront, these are some of the most enjoyable and most addicting games I've ever played, but after the last two releases, i'm starting to lose my faith in Lucasarts games. PLEASE fix this game, and make sure your new releases are finished BEFORE you release them to the general public.


NOTE FOR OE: I REALLY enjoyed Neverwinter Nights as well...please do a better job of debugging NWN2 before you release it...

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