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Party Dead after killing Visquis

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I got this exact same problem, tho they dont appear dead.. Just inactive (unable to add/remove, well do anything).


I just got captured by Goto on Nar Shadda, then a cut scence plays where Kreia heals Hanharr bla bla (LS) and so on.


Here the game is suppose to continue into a cut scenece between Atton and the crew but instead the game loads up Atton in the Jedi Masters "apartment" by the docks and from here i can do nothing, all i can do is walk around at the docks AS Atton but cant access areas, doors, items, inventory, click objects & all that. Some really borked bug that is making me unable to progress in the game!!.


Iv tried to reload to a sertain points in the game and progress from there, but everytime after kreia heals hanharr it loads to atton in the jedi masters apartment and then... well u know, nada, nothing..


Is there a fix to this lame annoying bug?


I got 3 save games, a quick save, a save befor entering the "arena" to see Vis whatever, and the a save from the beginning of Nar Shadda (note, i can load my save games but everytime i progress same thing as described above happens).


curse this if i have to start all over :devil:

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I have the same thing but I have it when mira sets of the trap with visquis and that trap is only set to stunn (so in the jekk' jekk tarr)


It's very annoying can't do anything further


(I'm playing it for the second time but it didn't occur in the first time I played the game)

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