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Sith marauder bonus feats

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In dsimpson's faq on gamefaqs he claims that the sith marauder gains the weapon focus: lightsaber feat as a bonus feat.


Strangely, the light side counterpart sith weapon master does not gain this feat.


Does anyone know if dsimpson's faq is correct? I am planning to go with a consular/marauder build, and I'd rather not waste a feat if I'm giong to get it for free later on.

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You mean, you got it free, right?


Not that you selected it after you became an assassin.


It just seems odd tha tyou would get them free, given that they're available to choose prior to your choice of prestige class.


In fact, saber focus is the ONLY bonus feat (if dsimpson's faq is correct) that you can ALSO choose prior to becoming prestige. Why would anyone choose it if you're getting it free when you hit prestige?


ya, i got weapon focus:lightsaber as an assassin, i think all prestige classes do.

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