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Swoop racing is all messed up

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First off, when I launch the game, it always launches in some sort of semi window mode. It's actually full screen, but there's a window bar at the edges of the screen, which is annoying. You can't actually maximize or minimize this "window", it's just there. The only way to get rid of it is to change the screen resolution in the game itself, this resets the game to realising it's full screen.


It's a minor quibble, but annoying that I have to do this every time I start up. (I've tried messing with the shortcut settings to run maximized, it's not helping).


This is on an Athlon1900XP with a Radeon 9800 PRO, Catalyst 5.2. I had the same issue with the Catalyst 4.11.


More annoying is the fact that swoop racing is so bugged it's not even funny.


1) If you forfeit a single race once, the race master will forever more tell you that you need to finish the race in order for it to count. Even if you finish every race after that, he won't accept them.


2) I beat the best time by about 2 seconds, only to have the racemaster inform me that I ran a "decent race", but not good enough to beat ANY of the track records. HELLO??? The worst time on that record was like twenty seconds slower than mine. :-"


3) If you then go to talk to him, he calls you track champion.

However, there is never a reward for winning. Great. Swoop Racing was always my main source of income in KotOR 1. Now apparently it's all without reward? >_<


Bugs like these should NOT get through playtesting. They just shouldn't.

PLEASE fix this. The KotOR series deserves better than to languish in such a bugridden state.



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