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Class Level up and Prestige Class Level up

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Are you asking if you can level when you level or do you level when you level. Or is it when you level do level a level as in your prestige class something something Jedi? :sorcerer:

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That's correct. In addition, your feat and force power obtainment start over at the new prestige class standard. For example, let's say you reached level 15, got a feat and power at that level up and then talked to Kreia and become prestige class Level 1, at that level up you would get a new feat, force power, etc or whatever corresponds with being a level 1 in you new Prestige class. Had you remained your old class (Level 16 let's say) you probably would not have gotten a new feat.

This works exactly like it did in KOTOR1, so its important to note that you are OVERALL a Level 16 Character (15 +1 =16), so the XP required to now go up another level (Prestige Class Level 2 or Character Level 17) would reflect that amount of additional XP, which is greater than the XP normally required to advance from Character Level 1 to Character 2. Its also important to note that you DO NOT have to accept a prestige class...just make sure you never reach the proper alignment and/or influence with Kreia.



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